Lake Placid Blue Jazzmaster bass

I always really dug Fender Jazzmaster guitars and wondered why they never made a bass version, so I decided to build two of them for myself. Since I'm playing the gold one 95% of the time now, I thought that I'd sell my Lake Placid Blue "Bassmaster" so that someone else could enjoy playing one. This one is serial  #JK0002, and if you want a bass that no one else has (except me), this is it.

If this bass was custom ordered, it would cost $3599 to order one, and it would take about 8-10 months to build, but you can buy this one (one of my personal ones!) now for only $2199 and not have to wait for me to build it and save $1400. That's 33% off.

Dot/bound Jazz bass profiled neck with rolled edges

Active Musicman Stingray preamp with custom Nordstrand MM pickup

Many tonal options (split p bass, reverse split p bass, all four coils on in series, and all four
coils on in parallel), plus a master volume and tone controls

100% nitro finish with matching headstock

100% shielded control cavities

Lightweight solid Alder body

Gotoh Res-o-Lite tuning keys

Custom plexiglass thumbrest

Bass weighs only 8lbs 6 ounces

Comes with Fender Deluxe Bass gig bag.
plus actual shipping in the contUSA
Click on pics for larger image
Click on pics for larger image
#2 of only THREE built
If you'd  like more info and see what went into building this bass, please view the Jazzmaster Bass pages HERE and HERE