Jazzmaster Bass
page two
This page was last updated: February 28, 2011
Welcome to page two. This page will have more pics and info of the second Jazzmaster Bass that I built. This one was actually supposed to be the first one, but due to delivery times on some of the parts, it actually was built after the gold one.

At first, I thought that I could save some time and money by ordering an unrouted Jaguar bass body from Warmoth. So, I ordered one in alder with just the neck pocket route. It ended up taking 7 weeks to get it, and to be honest, I was VERY disappointed with it. The shape was horrible (completely wrong), the roundover on the edges was 1/2" and looked like a blob, and the arm relief and tummy cuts looked like an amateur built it.

The picture below is the way that it arrived. I placed a Jaguar pickguard on it to see if the dimensions were correct, which obviously they weren't! I seriously considered just sending it back since it was going to need a complete reshaping
Here you can see where the pickguard will have to align with the lower horn. There's also way too much body behind the bridge as well. What wre they thinkin'?!!!
So, after reshaping the body all the way around it's perimiter on an oscillating drum sander, I drew out a rough line as to where the tummy cut will be deepened.
Here it is after the edges were rounded with a 7/16" roundover bit and the tummy cut reshaped:
Top view, showing the deeper and smoother transitioned arm relief:
Body with all of the routing for the pickup and controls, and with it's dot/bound rosewood fingerboard neck:
I mounted the bridge and strung her up to see how she sounded:
The Nordstrand MM4.4 pickup showing its four seperate coils:
Picture showing the shielded the cavities with conductive paint applied:
Completely assembled:
Both Jazzmaster basses together:.
The Blue one ended up weighing in at 8lbs 5 oz (the Gold one is 7lbs 9 oz.)
Gold Jazzmaster with BassMute system