D*A*M Ezekiel clone #1
This is the first DAM Ezekiel clone that I built back in June of 2012. It is an exact clone of the original and uses the same (now discontinued & hard to find) LM4562 chip in it. The only reason that I'm selling it is because I recently made another one in a smaller enclosure, although this one is still a lot smaller than the originals.

The Zeke features a variable Gain control , a Filter control (tone) that rolls off the top end, a Level (effect volume) as well as a clean blend. The rotary switch selects between  germanium (1), silicon (2), LED (3) or no diodes (4), for the clipping modes.

I originally sold 15 of these clones for $269 + shipping, but I'm selling this one for $149 including shipping in the ContUSA.
Only 1 available

Click on pic for larger image