​5/29/20 Added PE Depth Charge (clone) to the For Sale Page

5/19/20 Added MT10 Mostortion to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

5/13/20 Added Blueberry Bass Overdrive to the For Sale Page

​4/21/20 Added one more Centurion ( PeaveyPreamp Pedal) to the For Sale Page

4/3/20 Added Microtubes B4K Bass Overdrive to the For Sale Page   (SOLD)

3/31/20 Added Ginger (a B15 in a Box) to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

3/11/20 Added  Century Preamp Pedal (Peavey circuit) to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

3/6/20 Added 1 more Bearclaw Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

3/6/20 Added 1 more XOII Crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page   (SOLD OUT)

2/28/20 Added Centurion (Peavey Centurion preamp pedal) to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

11/14/19 Added Coliseum Bass Pedal (SOLD OUT)

11/3/19 Added 1 MORE XOII Crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page 

11/1/19 Added Fender Jaguar Bass to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

10/17/19  Added HG BASS distortion pedal to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

10/13/19 Added Life Pedal (clone) #2 to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

10/10/19  Added VMT #2 to the For SalPage  (SOLD)

10/8/19 Added EQD Life Pedal (clone) to the For Sale Page SOLD

10/6/19 Added Bass Klon to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

10/4/19 Added Bass Plumes Overdrive to the For Sale Page   SOLD

9/30/19 Added 16 pedal Blowout Sale to the For Sale Page

9/27/19 Added ONE MORE little GIANT to the For Sale Page  SOLD

9/26/19 Added ONE MORE Bass Cannon Bass Overdrive to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

9/26/19 Added ONE MORE Sunn Bass Buzz to the For Sale Page

8/12/19 Added ONE MORE XOII Crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page SOLD OUT

6/27/19 Added Acoustic 370 preamp pedal with direct out to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

4/11/19 Added Darkglass Alpha Omega to the For Sale page (SOLD)

4/4/19 Added 1 more XOII crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

3/31/19 Added FETF2B Limited Edition pedal to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

3/17/19 Added ONE MORE Acoustic 370 Preamp pedal to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

3/12/19 Added Wheels of Fire Fuzz to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

2/13/19 Added XOII Crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale page (SOLD)

1/29/19 Added mini XO Crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

1/27/19 Added Ampeg Scrambler to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

1/24/19 Added cross-mix active crossover to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

1/18/19 Added XO Crossover Bass Distortion to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

1/4/19 Added Tech21 DP3-X dug Pinnick pedal  to the For Sale Page (no longer available)

1/3/18 Added Brimstone Audio Basilisk Dual bad Distortion to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

1/3/18 Added Mini Bass DII to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

12/24/18 Added  Mini Bass-D to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

12/20/18 Added  Bassman Preamp  to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

12/8/18 Added Ezekiel 125B pedal to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

12/5/18 Added Saturn V to the For Sale Page  (SOLD)

12/2/18 Added the "BAXIMATO" to the For Sale Page  (SOLD OUT)

11/24/18 Added the FUZZ BASS  to the For Sale Page  (only 5 orders available)

11/19/18 Added Opto-Limiter #2  to the For Sale Page  (SOLD)

11/16/18 Added Opto-Limiter  to the For Sale Page  (SOLD)

10/30/18 Added Broughton Terraformer  to the For Sale Page  (SOLD)

10/11/18 Added Crush Bass Fuzz  to the For Sale Page (Limited production of only 5)

10/1/18 Added Sunn Beta Bass Preamp to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

9/21/18 Added Band Of Gypsys Fuzz to the For Sale Page (only 1 available)

9/13/18 Added BASS KLON to the For Sale page (SOLD)

9/7/18  Added 1 more 370 Preamp Pedal  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

9/3/2018 Added Sunn Bass Buzz Pedal to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

6/8/2018 Added Acoustic 370 Preamp Pedal (1590DD) to the For Sale Page (SOLD)

5/28/18 Added Ezekiel 125B pedal to the For Sale Page (SOLD OUT)

5/7/18 Added FETF2B Limited Edition pedal to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

5/7/18   Added HD-130 Preamp pedal  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

5/5/18   Added HM-2B to the For Sale page (SOLD) 

5/3/18   Added WIIO Pedal to the For Sale page (SOLD)

4/3/18   Added AD200B Pedal  to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

2/19/18  Added 1 more Carl Martin Bass Drive to the For Sale page (SOLD)

2/19/18  Added 1 more 370 Preamp Pedal  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

2/18/18    Added EQD Westwood (clone) to the For Sale page (SOLD)

2/12/18   Added Bearclaw Bass OD/Distortion to the For Sale page (Only one more available for order)

1/14/18   Added 1590B Prunes and Custard  clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

12/28/17   Added Strymon DECO to the For Sale page (SOLD)

12/24/17  Added Systech Overdrive to my Pedal of the Month page

12/24/17   Added Mr. Black Bass OD to the For Sale page (SOLD)

12/4/17   Added 1590B Prescription Electronics Depth Charge clone to the For Sale page (only 1 more order available!)

12/1/17   Added 1590B Prunes and Custard  clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

11/30/17 Added 370 Preamp Pedal  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

11/29/17 Added Piercing Moose Octifuzz  to the For Sale page (only 1 more order available!)

11/24/17 Added Vintage Phasor II  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

11/24/17 Added Bass Cannon  to the For Sale page (only ONE available!)

10/15/17 Added 1968 Gibson EB-3  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

10/13/17 Added BDO  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

8/18/17 Added Tube Screamer Bass  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

6/22/17 Added Blonde Precision Bass  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

6/19/17 Added Pork Loin 1590BB clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

6/13/17 Added Black Acid Fuzz  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

5/27/17 Added Pork Loin 1590B clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

5/18/17  Added Darkglass VMT clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

5/16/17  Added CIVIL WAR CLONE  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

4/26/17  Added Lovetone Meatball clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

3-23-17  Added ZEKE no1 (DAM EZEKIEL clone)  to the For Sale page (SOLD).

3-12-17  Added Anvil Bass Distortion  to the For Sale page  (SOLD OUT)

1-26-17  Added JD10 clone  to the For Sale page (SOLD)

12-25-16  Added Broadcast Clone  to the For Sale page (sold out)

11-22-16  Added Blue Jazzmaster Bass to the For Sale page (SOLD)

11-15-16    Added Brown Dog and 00Funk to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

10-6-16    Added 360 Fuzz to the For Sale page  (SOLD OUT)

9-29-16    Added Blue Floral Tele/Pbass to the For Sale page (SOLD)

8-22-16    Added 5th Gear Overdrice Clone to the For Sale page (SOLD)

8-20-16    Added Acoustic 370 Power amp pedal to the For Sale page (SOLD)

8-14-16    'Pedals for a Cure' auction to benefit PCDH19 epilepsy - November 2016

7-21-16    Added DWARFCRAFT Eau Claire Thunder to the For Sale page  (SOLD)  

7-19-16    Added Darkglass B3K clone to the For Sale page (SOLD) 

7-1-16     Added Transboost Prototype to the For Sale page (SOLD)

6-26-16   Added  Peavey F800B Preamp to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)   

6-22-16   Added Sunn 200S Preamp Pedal to the For Sale page (SOLD)

6-18-16   Added ONE MORE  1590A Barbershop Clone to the For Sale page (SOLD)

6-12-16 Added 5 more orders for the  Transboost pedal to the For Sale page (Sold out)

5-18-16    Added 1590B Klon Klone to the  For Sale page (SOLD)

5-3-16      Added  Acoustic 370 Peamp to the Pedal of the Week page

4-19-16    Added  Source Audio Aftershock to the Pedal of the Week page

2-22-16    Added Bluetube Tube Driver to the  For Sale page (SOLD)

12-18-15   Added  AU-DRIVE to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

12-4-15   Added  M3 Boost to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

11-24-15   Added  DUALITY to the For Sale page (SOLD)

11-21-15   Added  little GIANT Bass Overdrive to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

11-21-15   Added  1590A Barbershop Clone to the For Sale page SOLD

11-16-15  Added  mini-Bass Fuzz to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

5-9-15  Added  Buffer Buster to the For Sale page  SOLD OUT

5-3-15  Added  Dizzy Tone Fuzztone clone to the For Sale page (only 1 available for order)

4-23-15  Added  10 more Orange Bass Preamp Pedals to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT

3- 28-15 Added Transboost pedal to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

3-19-15 Added Phasor II clone to the For Sale page (SOLD)

11-6-14  Added Green Preamp to the For Sale page (SOLD OUT)

11-6-14  Added Human Gear Animato Clone to the For Sale page SOLD OUT

11-2-14  A lot of pedals added to the Other Pedals page

9-14-14  Added Orange Bass Preamp Pedal to the For Sale page 3 orders left

7/31/14  Added Darkglass VMT to the For Sale page SOLD!  .

7/13/14  Added Mutron III clone to the For Sale page SOLD! 

7-4-14    Added FET-F2B Preamp to the For Sale page

5-19-14  Added Accugroove Whappo Jr. Bass cab to the For Sale page SOLD! 

5-12-14  Added Bixonic Expandora Clone to the For Sale page NLA 

3-18-14  Addded Black & Maple J Bass to the For Sale page SOLD! 

2/3/14   Added  Joyo JF-14 to the Pedal of the Week page.

1/18/14  Added  Aguilar Agro  to the Pedal of the Week page.

1-10-14 Added Barber's Deep Fryer to the Pedal of the Week page.

1-5-14 Added "Factory Built" overdrive pedals to the bottom of the of the Bass Overdrive Pedals page

1-1-14  Added  a 'Donate' page.

12-13-13 added NEW Pedal of the Week Page 

9-21-13 Added "Other Pedals" page to the website.

7-13-13 Added Gamma Bass Overdrive to the  For Sale page (only 5 more available)

7-11-13 Added the Custom 2x15 cab to the  For Sale page  SOLD! 

6-3-13  Added the Barbershop Pedal overdrive pedal to the  For Sale page SOLD! 

4-16-13 Bass Overdrive Pedals updated with more than 160 pedals!

4-15-13 Added the 1963 Ampeg B15N fliptop amp to the  For Sale page SOLD!  

3-18-13 Added a Compressor Pedals page to the site

10-16-12 Added a  Bass Overdrive Pedals page to the website

10-4-12 Added 1975  Gibson Ripper Bass to the For Sale page  SOLD! 

9-6-12 Added 1971  Sunn 2000S Bass amp to the For Sale page  SOLD!

9-6-12 Added the RAH overdrive pedal to the  For Sale page SOLD! 

8-23-12 Added the DUALITY dual bass overdrive pedal to the  SOLD ALL FIVE OF THEM.!

6-21-12 Added 1969  Sunn 200S cabinet to the For Sale page SOLD!

6-20-12 Added custom made Bass Overdrive/distortion pedals to the For Sale page

5-25-12 Effect Pedals COMING SOON!

5-7-12  Added 'Deadspots and how to remove them'   to the FAQ's page

9-12-11 Added a discussion about  Tonewoods to the FAQ's page

9-12-11 Added  JBL K145 15" bass speaker to the For Sale page SOLD!

9-6-11 Added 1978 Fender Precision Bass to the For Sale page SOLD!

9-5-11 Added Yamaha NS10M Studio Monitors to the For Sale page SOLD!

8-29-11 Added 1968 Fender Showman Cabinet to the For Sale page SOLD! 

8-26-11 Added 1977 Acoustic 220 Bass head to the For Sale page SOLD!

6-12-11 Added 1966 Style Fender Jazz bass to the For Sale page SOLD!

2-19-11 Added Jazzmaster Bass to the Basses page  page and to the ORDER page

2-03-11 Added Online Purchasing to the ORDER page! You can now order and buy your bass instantly.

2-02-11 Added "66" Custom Jazz Bass to the For Sale page. SOLD!

1-02-11 Added Musicman Stingray Bass to the Basses page

10-08-10 Added Jaguar EMG preamp modification to the  Fender Jaguar Bass Page

8-11-10 Added  Custom Fender Jaguar Bass to the  For Sale page SOLD! 

8-10-10 Added Fender Jaguar Bass to the Basses page

8-1-10 Added Bach Thunderbird Bass to the Basses page

4-20-10 Added Channel Strips to the amps page

4-20-10 Added   Sunn Coliseum Bass Amp  to the  amps page

4-20-10 UPDATED Bass Preamps Review Page

9/15/09 Added Fender 64' Jazz Bass (Custom built) to the  For Sale Page SOLD!

6/04/09 Added 1968 Gibson EB-2 Bass to the  For Sale Page  SOLD!

5/25/09 Added 1995 Gibson Les Paul Studio to the  For Sale Page   SOLD!

5/20/09 Added 1975 vintage SVT Bass Amp to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

5/19/09 Added 1994 American Vintage '62 Fender Stratocaster to the For Sale Page SOLD!

5/12/09 Added 1970 Ampeg V4 4x12 speaker cabinet to the For Sale Page SOLD!

4/13/09 Added  1971 Ampeg V4 4x12 speaker cabinet to the For Sale Page SOLD!

4/13/09 Added 1978 Fender Precision Bass to the For Sale Page SOLD!

4/13/09  Added 1970 Ampeg V4 Amplifier  to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

4/13/09  Added 1974 Ampeg V4 Amplifier  to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

3/24/09 Added SVT-VR to the amps page (also has standby modification)

3/15/09 Added Gibson THOR bass amp to the amps  and  for sale pages SOLD!

11/26/08 Added Sunn 190B to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

10/03/08 Added Hofner Club Bass to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

10/03/08 Added Ampeg SVT 410HLF Cabinet to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

6/13/08  Added Fender 15" speakers to the For Sale Page  SOLD!

5/19/08 1962 Fender Precision Bass page is added.

5/18/08 Added EA Micro 300 Bass amp to the For Sale page  SOLD!

5/16/08 1973 Fender Precision Bass page is added.

5/16/08 Basses cover page created (no linked pages yet)

5/14/08 Added a links page

5/12/08 Added 1968 Gretsch Anniversary on the for sale page.  SOLD!

5/10/08 Added info for the SoundCity Bass 150 Amp on the  amps  page

5/10/08  Added info on the Fender "Studio Bass" Amp on the amps page SOLD!

5/5/08  Added a St. George "Stadium" Bass on the for sale page. SOLD!

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