Transformer Output Boost/Overdrive
This is a completely original circuit designed by Frank Appleton of and voiced by me. It's a great sounding pedal and cannot be purchased anywhere else. I am only going to make very few of these available since each one has three PCBs that I etch myself, as well as having an etched enclosure ( a very time consuming  build). The IC's are both Burr-Brown units and are used for their robust design and sonic purity. Along with the standard 'Drive' and 'Volume' controls, there's an additional soft clip control that dials in more clipping and compression. The transformer is made by Triad and most of the coupling caps are MLCC's. It can be used as an extremely dynamic, fat and punchy clean boost, or a mild to moderately heavy overdrive with transformer core saturation. (soundclip coming soon).

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Please note that all of my pedals are built to order so allow 1-2 weeks before they ship.