200S Pedal
a Sunn 200S preamp in a box
The vintage Sunn 200S heads from the 60's are still one of my favorite sounding bass amps of all time. I started attempting to capture its character and tone in pedal form (using Jfets for the tube stages) about 2 years ago and have finally achieved my goal.  It features the same control layout as the amp (i.e Volume, Treble, Bass and the two HI & LO boost slide switches. I am only going to make ONE of these available for sale for a total of three of them (one for myself, one for a previous order, and one more for sale here). I comes in an etched 1590B with top jacks and a relayed true bypass with a clickless stomp switch. This one will be built to order so please allow 2 weeks before it ships.

$279 including shipping in the contUSA