1971 Sunn 2000S
I already know that I'm going to regre selling it, but since I haven't been using this amp lately I thought that someone else might put it to good use. This vintage Sunn is in pristine condition.and is a highly sought after.collectable. In my opinion this is the best sounding bass amp of all time. Powered by four 6550A's with 4 and 8 ohm outputs, this 100% tube amp will rock your world. ;-) This 'holy grail 'of 100% tube bass amps took me along time to find in this condition. IMO, this is the most desireable (and rare) version of the 2000S since it's the SS rectified one that offers a little more power and headroom than the tube rectified ones. I went all the way thru it from input jack to ouput jack, replacing all of the filter caps with OEM ones and installed a heavy duty 3 prong grounded AC cord. You might find one for le$$ but, you won't find a better one that needs NOTHING and is ready to gig with for the next 30 years).

Pictured below with early 70's Sunn 1x18 (Cerwin Vega) cabinet. The cab is also for sale for $599.00