Pedal of the Week
Actually, this pedal should be called  the PEDAL OF THE LAST FIVE DECADES!  I think that I can safely say that it is the most revolutionary overdrive / distortion / fuzz pedal ever offered by a manufacturer. Out of the box, you get 6 different od/distortions with the two separate inputs, using the 3-way  mini toggle switch,  drive, clean blend, tone & volume controls to adjust your tone like a conventional pedal. But what makes this one so special, besides sounding awesome, is that the user can plug it into an iphone or Andriod and using the Source Audio Neuro app, or the One series editor on a PC (shown below), and enables you to adjust more parameters than any other distortion pedal in the world.  Just to give you an idea of what the parameters are, take a look at this:
If you're familiar with this website and my taste in amps and pedals, then you already know that I'm basically an old school tube amp, P bass / Jazz bass / RIC bass type of player that prefers analog pedals, and although this pedal is digital, it doesn't sound digital at all. CEO Roger Smith's team of mad scientist programmers are among the best in the world and own most, if not all of the pedals that this one emulates. You can even run one distortion into another (cascade), set all of the eq frequencies and the Q for them, activate a gate and set the threshold, as well as re-assign the knobs on the pedal itself.  You can also share your settings with others

With a retail price of $149, this pedal is a no brainer and is a 'must have' if you want complete control of your bass's overdrive/distortion and just might be the ONLY bass distortion pedal that you'll ever need, but if you only could have one, this would definitely be it.

More info is here: Source Audio AFTERSHOCK
Source Audio's Aftershock Bass Distortion