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Source Audio's OFD
Overdrive, Fuzz, Distortion for Bass
When I first got this pedal and plugged it in, I immediately liked it, which is pretty rare for me these days since I've become so picky about dirt boxes.  Now I've always been a 'dyed in the wool' old school analog guy (and actually 'anti-digital!), but this ((digital) pedal is unlike any other than I've tried so far. To me, it's response and tone sound and feel analog and it's actually pretty difficult to get a bad sound out of it. The 12 position rotary knob in the center allows you to select the type of overdrive, fuzz or distortion voice to build your tone from. Even though it has a ton of parameters that you have for control, it's layout is very clear, intuitive, and easy to adjust. The voice/modes consist of: Tube Drive,  TS9000 (Tubescreamer),  Fuzz Face,  Tone Bender,  Big Muff,  Rat, Gated Fuzz,  Metal Fuzz, Crunch Tube,  Smooth Tube,  Octave Fuzz, and  Power Stage. Along with the familiar and expected Output and Drive controls,  it also features an adjustable built-in noise gate, a clean blend with a flat and 'hi-cut side' and a three band cut & boost equalizer. If that weren't enough, it's bypass is selectable between analog buffered, or  a relay-based true bypass. Each footswitch allows you to store a preset (so you have two presets). Once you find a setting that you want to keep, just push and hold one of the two footswitches until the led blinks to store it to that switch.

To view its owner manual in pdf form,click HERE.

I'll try to post as many soundclips of it that I can, but for starters, since there are already quite a few of them on Youtube showing it's heavy distortion and fuzz modes, I thought that I'd do something different and start by demonstrating it as a mild overdrive which I've found that is actually pretty difficult for a lot OD/dirt pedals to do.
OFD Mild Overdrive Clip
December 2013
Setting the OFD to sound like a  BJFE Blueberry Bass Overdrive  (OFD vs BBBOD clip):
Setting the OFD to sound like a  BFulltone OCD  (OFD vs OCD clip):
And here's the settings that I used to get the OFD tones in the comparison clips: