Phasor II Clone
The Musitronics Phasor II, being one of my favorite phase shifters of all time, I just had to make one for myself that is a lot smaller and runs on a standard 9V power supply. I'm pleased to say that I have acheived it and it sounds exactly like my vintage original This is a very complicated build so I'm only offering one of these for sale. The only difference in my circuit is that I'm using 3 dual Vactrols instead of the 6 LDRs that Musitronics had custom made for theirs. I've seen others try to build it with 6 seperate LDRs with a single LED, but after trying that method and realizing that it didn't have anywhere near the depth or tone of the original, I went with the much higher quality (and much more expensive) Vactrols. I also added and LED so you could see the rate that you have it set at.

Here's some quick sound clips of it .