(Way Huge Piercing Moose clone)
The Piercing Moose was an octave fuzz pedal produced in limited batches by the original iteration of Way Huge in the late 1990s. The pedal featured knobs for volume, tone and fuzz as well as an octave up on/off switch. They are pretty hard to come by these days, and when you do, buying one will set you back $600 or more. I love the sound of them for guitar or bass so I built a couple of them for myself. My most recent version is much smaller than the original  and comes in a horizontal 1590B enclosure with all top jacks and a relayed true bypass. Although the  discontinued button top transistors as used in the original are nearly impossible to obtain these days, I recently found enough to build two more of them so I'm going to offer only two builds for sale. I've posted a quick soundclip below used with a P bass.
(click the picture below for a larger image)
ONLY ONE more order available
was $299,  NOW $279
including shipping in the ContUSA