Lovetone Meatball Clone
The Lovetone Meatball is considered to be "The King of Funk" whne it come to envelope filters. They have been discontinued production for quite some time now, and with the originals going for $700-800 I am offering this exact clone of one for $399 shipped in the ContUSA). My version is much smaller (more pedalboard friendly) and includes a relayed true bypass. I also added a mini toggle that yields either stock filter setting (when clicked to the right) or a 'moog' setting (clicked to the left) which I much prefer over the stock filter setting. The 'moog' setting makes th filter sweep with less peakiness as it lowers in frequency so it has much less of the harsh peak and (loud) level spikes. I am only offering one of these for sale (the one in the actual picture) and it's ready to ship. The vactrols for these have been discontinued for quite some time so even if I could find more, they are very expensive.  I paid $25 for each one of the pair that I used in this one and that's the reason that I am not going to be making more of them.
Click on pic for larger image