Klon Klone
With original Klons going for ridiculous prices these days, I thought that I'd build and offer one for sale in an etched 1590B enclosure with dark brown Davies Bakelite knobs. This pedal has the exact original circuit and uses the same components as the original 'gold' version. It even has the correct 'magical' clipping germanium diodes. After building it, I eneded up doing one small mod to it, but it is completely reversible. Instead of using the stock Klon TL072 chips, I used Burr-Brown OPA2134's in it which I find to give a MUCH nicer distortion and better tone. The are socketed so if you really wanted TL072's in it, they're easy to replace (but I honestly do know why you would  want to!) This pedal sounds great, and is meant for use with a guitar, but it's also nice on bass. Just like the original, it is not true bypass and has the coveted Klon buffer.

If you prefer, for an additional $20,  I can mod it for bass use.

               $229 Shipped (Stock Klone)                     $249 Shipped with Bass Mod