JBL K145 15" Speaker
8 ohms with original cone
Here's a rare vintage Alnico JBL K145 15" speaker with its original factory cone. The surround is in excellent condition, as well as the entire cone/dome/spider/voicecoil assembly. This speaker has been thoroughly tested, swept with a frequency generator from 20hz-20Khz and operates to factory specifications with no issues whatsoever (i.e NO voicecoil rub or other sonic issues).  These rare speakers do not come up for sale very often, especially in this condition, and the last one on ebay that needed a complete recone sold for $159.00 (and an OEM recone on one costs more than $300!) I'm selling this 100% original, near mint one that is ready to mount in you speaker cabinet for $249.00. (i'm sorry, but this one has been SOLD!)

In JBL's own words:
K145 Bass Instrument Loudspeaker- A Success Story.     The objective: To create  brand  new  sound in a 15 inch  bass  instrument
loudspeaker - sharply defined, crisp sound that projects a bigger bass punch than ever heard before from other loudspeakers its size. Plus the same high eficiency and power handling that have made JBL the overwhelming choice of ptofessionals for more than 30 years. The K145’s special cone is powered by the most massive magnetic strnctute JBL has every built. 20 pounds worth, and in the JBL tradition, all critical areas are precisely machined far optimum performance. It contains a large, costly Alnico V magnet (250% sttonger per pound than conventionally used ceramic types) that directs tremendous energy fo the magnetic gap through a huge cast iron pot ~structure. Within the magnetic gap lies a 4 inch diameter voice coil of copper wire, milled to a fine ribbon then tightly wound by hand on its narrow edge. Compared to small, machine made coils of round wire which ate typically used in other speakers, this process increases efficiency, expands dynamic range and provides outstanding definition ~ the kind of extra performance a musician expects from JBL.

More specifications can be viewed here: http://www.wald-electronics.com/images/k_series.pdf  Please scroll down to see the large and clear pictures of this beautiful example, and thanks for looking!