This page was last updated: July 7, 2015
Green Bass Preamp Pedal
By popular demand, here's another one of my favorite pedals that I've decided to offer for purchase, a Green amplifier emulator.This one is pretty similar to my Orange Bass  preamp with the biggest difference being it having the drive/gain stage before the eq tone stack, instead of in front of it. This pedal uses four Jfet transistors to emulate  tube.The prototype was built on veroboard. Then I tested  it and 'massaged' the  tone stack and drive stages for the best tone. The new ones will be built on a hand etched PCB instead of vero. I'm only going to build 15 of these so get them while you can. This is a very amp-like, and dynamic pedal that isn't offered anywhere else. Each pedal is built to order so please allow approximately 2 weeks before it ships.
Here's a quick sound clip of it: