Fender Jaguar Bass  SOLD!
I built two 'one of a kind' custom jags (one maple one rosewood) to see which one I preferred (this one was finished yesterday), and i guess I prefer  maple necks, so I'm selling the rosewood block/bound one to finance yet another project.

This one started out as a 2006 jaguar bass in near mint condition. The modifications include a new Allparts block/bound jazz bass neck ($435 retail), shaved and shaped with rollover like 60's jazz bass, 3/32" side dots installed, and nitro lacquered with a matching headstock. New Fender USA RI string retainer and Fender nut. all cavities have been shielded with conductive paint and grounded for minimum noise/hum. The pots are USA fender CTS 250K solid shaft, the jack is a Switchcraft with a NOS 70's Fender .047 capacitor,  and USA Fender Jazz Bass RI bakelite set screw knobs. Pickups are brand new Seymour Duncan hot stack Jazz Bass pickups (stacked humbuckers) and sound great. The switches have been sunken into their control plates by 1/8". Machine heads are Gotoh 'res-o-lites' ($175 retail), for smoother tuning, lighter weight and better balance (no neck dive). I'll supply either the stock white guard or a genuine Fender tortoise one (your choice) and ship it in an economy Fender gig bag. This bass weighs 8lbs 15oz.
Strings are new D'addario stainless steel roundwounds (.045-.105). I have way more time and money into this project than what I'm asking for it, and if you purchase it, I know that you'll be VERY happy with it.