FET-F2B Bass preamp
I've always loved the sound of Alembic's F2B tube preamp, so I wanted to make a pedal that would capture the sound and character of it.  I'm very happy to say that I have acheived it. The F2B is actually a Fender Showman amp's preamp section and on this one, instead of tubes, I used Jfet transistors to emulate the tubes. It can be run as a clean/transparent boost or as an additional tone enhancer to boost bass and/or treble. It has the exact same controls as a Showman preamp (or F2B), with treble, middle, bass, volume and bright switch. It adds a TON of punch and is capable of a ridiculous amount of output and can easily drive a power amp by itself. It is not meant to distort but it definitely can be used to drive the front end of an amp into overdrive/distortion. I am only going to make a very limited run of 20 of these for those that want to have a portable F2B on their pedalboard. Soundclip coming soon.
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(these handmade pedals are built to order, so please allow an approximate 2 week build time)