Elka DizzyTone (clone)
The original Elka DizzyTone was made in Italy in the late sixties, are now very rare, highly sought after, and super expensive if you can manage to find one. They are also very large, heavy and only run on a battery (they're positive grounded) with no LED status light. Based on the Baldwin Burns Buzzaround, the DizzyTone is known for its rich, thick and heavy fuzz with no low end loss. Due to the rarity and expense of obtaining NOS germanium transistors with the correct leakage and gain, I'm only going to be making 5 of these builds available for those that want to save pedalboard space, and be able to run one on a standard Boss or 1spot  power supply ( 9V center negative). They also have a soft touch stomp switch with a relay true bypass and come in an etched 1590B enclosure.There are three seperate circuit boards in my version (the germanium Fuzz circuit, the -9V inverter circuit, and the relay true bypass circuit). These will be built to order so please allow approximately 2 weeks before it ships.
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Fuzz section PCB
Relay PCB
Inverter PCB