Custom Featherweight 2X15 cab
I designed and built this cab a little over a year ago. I loved it so much that I built two of them! I really don't have the need for two since one of them is more than enough for any gig so I'm selling this one. It measures 24 1/2 W X 36" T X 15" D and weighs only 46 1/2lbs. It's dual ported but also comes with port blockers if you want to run it as a sealed cab. My goal was to make a vintage sounding 2x15 that was super light, as loud as any 810 fridge, have more low end, needs no mid or horn drivers for the top end, handle at least 800 watts and still fit in my 3 series BMW.. I'm pleased to say that I achieved all of those goals. The 15" sperakers are Faital's 15PR400's that are my favorite Neo 15" (they sound pretty close to a JBL K140 which is still my favorite (but heavy) 15" of all time.

I started a thread on the build on the TALKBASS forum so if you'd like to see every detail of the build process, frequency charts and my cost of building it, just go here: Custom 2X15 Cab Build

I have $844 in parts alone in this cab (plus a TON of labor) so I'm asking $900 + actual shipping for it. After you purchase it, I will send you a second invoice for the shipping (fedex ground) once I have your shipping .address and have calculated the shipping cost
$900 + actual shipping
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