EHX Civil War (clone)
About 2 years ago I was commissioned to make 3 EHX Civil War Muffs that are very accurate to the Soviet originals, since the originals now are commanding extremely high prices ($500 to $1000!). My clones sold for $249 each. I used the original circuit including OEM Russian transistors (KD3102's) and OEM clipping diodes (KD521A's) to ensure that they captured the vintage original's tone and response.  Since I had one extra etched 1590B enclosure (which is MUCH smaller than the original), I've  decided to offer this 4th one for sale. It has a standard true bypass, teflon coated silver plated wire, Neutrik jacks and genuine Davies bakelite knobs. I will not be making any more of these.  This last one is in stock and ready to ship for $80 less than the first three.
including shipping in the ContUSA

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