Buffer Buster
If you have a pedal like a germanium fuzztone ( i.e. a fuzz face, Tonebender, Dizzytone, Buzzaround etc) that doesn't play well with an active bass or with another pedal in front of it, this is the only solution that I know of to solve it. It essentially turns an active circuit or an active pickup system back into a passive one. It's a completely PASSIVE pedal that  contains a small transformer to emulate a pickup's inductance with a toggle to switch betwen a single coil and humbucker loads, along with volume and tone controls to simulate the controls on a passive instrument. There is no bypass switch on the standard model but I can add either an additional toggle or even a stomp switch to it for an extra $15. Due to time constraints, I am only going to make 5 of these builds available. Since they are built to order, please allow approx w 2-3 weeks before it ships.
(click on picture below for a larger image)