Brown Dog & 00Funk
Chunk Systems made great sounding pedals, however, unfortunately they are no longer being made. For those lucky enough to get one when they were being sold, it's pretty rare that they ever sell them, so by popular request, I'm going to make 5 of each of them available (SOLD OUT!)

When cloning them, I owned the originals so I could compare them side by side and used the factory schematics to make sure that they were accurate. My only complaint with the originals was their form factor (they had larger & bulkier enclosures), so I made these in a smaller, polished and etched 1590B's with top jacks and a relayed true bypass. The side jack on them is a super cool feature where you can link them to together so they work symbiotically for even more flexibility, but they are both great pedals on their own.

The Brown Dog is a super cool bass fuzz with two gain settings,and two separate level controls, one  for the dirt, and one for the clean signal. .
including shipping in the ContUSA
including shipping in the ContUSA
The 00Funk is a very flexible envelope filter that can sweep either up or down.

The Sweep control is the input sensitivity.

The 'Pitch' control determines the filter frequency when the input is silent. You use it to determine the overall pitch of the filter effect. Turning it lower will tend to give you fatter, bassier tones while higher settings will affect only the higher end of your sound.

The 'Smooth' control determines how quickly the filter sweeps in response to changes in input level. If you set it low, the filter will make large, jerky jumps on each note. This tends to sound squidgy and warbles a little as the filter responds to individual audio cycles. If you set it high, the filter makes smaller, slower movements.'

The Squelch control determines how extreme the filtering effect is by adjusting the resonance of the filter. As you turn it higher, the filter has a higher gain at the filter frequency and accentuates those frequencies more, making a "squelchier" sound