Bearclaw OD/distortion

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Here's a new bass OD/distortion that I've been working on.  I'm very pleased with its result and have been using on all of my recent gigs. It features treble, mid, bass and presence controls along with the standard drive and level controls.. It also has a mini toggle to switch between two clipping settings. It can go from clean, to a mild OD all the way to heavy distortion. I would describe the distortion character as smooth and very much like a big tube amp going balls to the wall. It's very dynamic and doesn't ever sound harsh or have a fizzy decay and can be set to still retain all of your bass's punch and original tone without turning into mud. It comes in a hand polished 125B enclosure with all top jacks and a relayed true bypass. Besides the one that I built for myself, due to time constraints, I am only going to build two more of these for sale.
Only ONE more available for order
including shipping in the ContUSA
Here's a quick clip of it using an Orange 'O' bass (basically a P bass) thru my SVT7pro, a 2X15 cab recorded with a ZoomH4n: