1972 J Bass Replica
I already know that I'm going to regret selling this bass that I built for myself, but unforseen car repairs and other family expenses force me to sell it. Maybe it's an indication of my age, but I've always liked the look and sound of early 70's Fender basses. I built this one back in September of 2010.  It plays and sounds awesome,with low action, has a laser straight neck and is in mint condition. I went to great lengths to source the parts for this one to replicate a 1972 Jazz bass. Sourcing a brand new alder OEM  Fender CIJ '62 RI body that weighs under 4 1/2lbs is a difficult task. I also selected the neck from six of them, judging it on its weight, grain and stiffness.  If I were to build this bass to order, it would run over $3K but I am asking far less to move it quickly. It's very much on the light side for a Jazz bass at only 9lbs 2 oz (most Jazz basses weigh 9lbs 8oz -10 lbs, or more). I would put this bass against any Jazz Bass, vintage, AVRI, or Custom Shop

Here are the details:

NOS CIJ OEM Fender factory finished in thin black poly '62 RI  Jazz  Bass body in lightweight Alder. These were excellent Jazz Bass bodies with no strange CNC routes under pickguard.

Allparts, licensed by Fender, one piece maple block & bound neck, stripped of the Allparts dark amber poly finish, reshaped to an early 60's thinner spec profile, 3/32 side dots installed, rolled edges, with a very slight amber tinted gloss nitro finish.

All OEM Fender USA RI incuding, string retainer, control plate, slightly tinted white pick guard, Bakelite knobs, OEM Fender CTS pots, Fender nut,  Fender "F" neck plate, USA 70's Bridge, tug bar, switchraft jack, cloth wiring and NOS Cornell Dubilier .047 ceramic disc tone capacitor, Schaller Strap-loks, OEM Fender chrome pickup and bridge covers. If desired, I can substitute the white guard for a new Fender AVRI tortoise shell one at no extra charge. Just let me know at checkout.

Tuning Keys and Strings
OEM Fender embossed Chrome Clover leaf keys. Strings are Rotosound Pressure Wound Stainless Steel.

60's-early 70's jazz bass spacing. Dimarzio Ultra Jazz Bass set, modified with A & D poles raised to match neck radius. These are very balanced, sound like single coils, but are completely hum free when run individually or together. They have a bit more low end, and are a bit brighter, but with the tone control rolled back about mid way, sound like vintage single coil J bass pickups, but without the hum.

Includes Deluxe Fender Bass gig bag
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