BDO (Bass/Distortion/Overdrive)
The BDO is a very touch sensitive bass distortion/OD pedal capable of a lot of different driven tones. Along with the usual level and drive controls, it features a treble and bass tonestack and a presence control. The "tight" knob controls how much low end it lets into the drive circuit. It also has an internal trimpot that allows adjustment of the gain of the drive circuit.  It can be used as an overdrive to a very heavy distortion pedal without sound fizzy and can go from being very dark to very bright or anywhere in between. It's a super harmonically rich pedal that emulates the sound of a tube amp being driven into distortion.

It comes in a hand polished and etched 125B enclosure with all top jacks. I used all teflon coated silverplated wire with Neutrik jacks so it will last a lifetime of service.
including shipping in the ContUSA
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