B-SHOP Overdrive Pedal
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Fairfield Circuitry's 'The Barbershop' clone -  One of my favorite bass overdrives of all time and my 'GO TO' overdrive for bass. This pedal emulates a tube amp getting pushed into its sweet spot. If you have a solid state or tube head that's just too loud and clean at the gig, this pedal can dial in the 'pushed' ,'hitting the rails' tone, even at bedroom levels. No low end loss and total touch response are it's best features. In my opinion, just playing thru one makes your tone more sophisticated and richer.The original is a great pedal and I highly recommend them, but I'm offering this exact clone for sale for those that would like the same pedal in a smaller genuine  HAMMOND 1590B (MXR sized) enclosure to save on pedalboard real estate. I used all high quality components, hand wired with 1% metal film resistors, true bypass, metal film capacitors, Alpha pots, Kobiconn DC jack, Belden teflon coated silver plated wire, Switchraft jacks, genuine vintage USA Davies (Dakaware) white phenolic knobs, bare silver aluminum enclosure etc

The pictures below are the pedal that you will receive (click the pics to enlarge)

Soundclip with a P bass
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