Anvil Bass Distortion
I named this one the "Anvil" because it's the HEAVIEST sounding bass distortion that I've built to date. (I was going to name it "Heavy"). This one's distortion control has no clean setting ( it goes from mild distortion to massive distortion!), and I personally think that it sounds gorgeous, like a tube amp pushed way past its limit. It has a TON of low end and with its gyrator tone stack is capable of a zillion tones, from midrangy to scooped & from bright to bassy and anywhere in between. A Jfet front end feeds two dual 4558 opamps and has 6 more transistors for the overall voicing and EQ's of the circuit. It sounds equally great with active or passive basses. Only 4 of these will be built to order and 3 of them have been sold so there is only ONE more order available. It also has a relayed true bypass.


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My pedals are hand-built to order so please allow approx 2 weeks for it to ship
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A note about my pedal builds…………

My pedals are completely hand made.  Every part of the process is done by myself. Nothing is farmed out with the exception of the relay bypass PCBs in some of them that I designed for OSH Park.

I buy unfinished enclosures, carefully block sand their imperfections smooth and flat with multi grades of wet dry sandpaper, and then polish them before etching (or labeling) them.

I design the PCB layouts in DIYLC, then export them into photoshop where I adjust the traces more to my liking and at a higher resolution. Then I take those images and transfer them to raw copper clad fiberglass PCB material which I then etch in etching solution. After that, I drill the #69 drill bit component holes in them on a mini drill press. Then add all of the components and finally add the silver plated Teflon coated wire harnesses to them. I use Alpha pots, Neutrik, Switchraft or Lumberg jacks (depending on the size of the enclosure and then finally test each one thoroughly before packing it for shipping.

……………So, when you buy one of my pedals, you’re getting a hand made pedal built by me from start to finish. Some people think a pedal is just a bunch of inexpensive parts thrown into an enclosure, but the way that I build them, one at a time (they are NOT mass produced), is very time consuming & labor intensive, so I hope that some will understand how much time and effort it actually takes to build each one.  I like to think of them as musical 'art' ;-).
3 etched and polished Anvil enclosures