1963 Ampeg B15N/B12N  SOLD!
Selling my 1963 Ampeg B15N that I've owned since 1985. This one came originally with the more rare and smaller B12N cab as shown. When I bought it,the speaker was already upgraded with a gray JBL D120F which is alot louder, smoother, with more lows and highs than the original CTS speaker that came in these so you'll get the most out of its 35-40 watts  It has all vintage USA tubes in it (a matched pair of RCA 6L6GC output tubes, an NOS RCA 5U4GB rectifier, and all NOS (Amperex, RCA and GE) 6SL7 preamp tubes. It's in very nice shape, especially for its age, and everything works perfectly and sounds great. The dolly is not original but it functions exactly the same as the original and attaches with the original single thumb screw. Please scroll down to see more pics of this holy grail of studio bass amps. It will be packed well and shipped via Fedex, insured for the full purchase price. Why buy the reissue for $4000 when you can have the original for a fraction of that? When purchased, after I have your shipping address, I will send you second invoice for the actual shipping amount ( and I do not charge for the packing materials).