Acoustic 360 Fuzz
This is the fuzz circuit taken from the Acoustic 360 preamp with a few extras. It's a wild sounding germanium based fuzztone with the ability to blend clean low end along with the fuzz. The 'Fuzz' control is the level of the Fuzz, the 'Clean' is the level of the clean (low end only), the 'Attack' is the brightness of the fuzz and the 'Decay' is the sustain of the fuzz. This pedal also has a relayed true bypass with a soft-click stomp switch. I am only going to make TWO of these available since vintage germanium 2N1306 transistors with the appropriate specs for this circuit are getting hard to come by these days. It comes in a 1590B with all top jacks, and runs off of a standard 9V negative center power supply (1spot, boss etc). Jaco was probably the most famous user of the 360 fuzz but there were many others that used one too.

Quick soundclip:
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