AD200B Pedal
This is a pedal version of Orange's AD200B MKII bass amp. It uses 7 (Jfet and Bi-fet) amplifier stages to recreate the tone and response of the legendary all tube head. The controls are, left to right, top to bottom: Master Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle & Bass. It features a relayed true bypass and runs on a standard 9 volt power supply. UPDATED 4/12/18!!! This pedal has been REVISED and now contains an internal charge pump running the circuit on 18 volts for cleaner tones and MORE headroom. Use ONLY a quality 9 volt power supply! It can go from clean to a heavy overdrive (depending on where you set the gain and bass control). It comes in an orange 1590B with all top jacks. I made one for myself, and I love it, so I decided to offer a couple more of them for sale.
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(my handmade pedals are built to order, so please allow an approximate 1 week build time)