370 Preamp
(an actual Acoustic 370 preamp in a box)
The Acoustic 370 is by far my favorite Acoustic Control Corp bass amp ever made and I still use them to this day. I used the  original Acoustic schematic to build this pedal and it runs on 32V just like the original but only requires a standard 9V power supply (double charge pumps inside). This pedal has TONS of output.  I used vintage Acoustic 2N2484 & 2N4248 transistors in it too. It was quite a challenge but after owning 7 original 370's, I can definitely say that this pedal captures the exact tone of the original preamp because it IS the exact same preamp circuit! Due it being impossible to locate the small 6H inductors for the preamp section (they've been discontinued making them for decades), I am only going to offer ONE of these builds for sale. I had to pay $120 just to get one of those inductors that works & sounds just like the original (taken from a vintage White 31 band studio equalizer). There are a total of 7 PCBs that I designed and etched myself inside of this pedal (1 preamp PCB, 1 graphic eq PCB, 1 dual charge pump PCB, 1 five slider PCB, 2 inductor PCBs and 1 relay bypass PCB). It uses 5 inductors for the graphic eq just like the original amp and another one for the preamp. It is a VERY complicated and time consuming build so it's not cheap, but if you love these amps as much as I do, then I think that you'll find it more than worth it. Even the original designer Russ Allee loved this one!
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please allow an approximate 8-10 week build time
My original 1970's Acoustic 370 amplifier of which this pedal was designed from