1970 Ampeg V4
From my collection of vintage Ampegs, I am offering this beautiful 1970 Ampeg V4 amplifier head for sale. It has been completely restored both electronically and cosmetically and brought back to new factory specifications. This the very first year that the V4 was made, and is highly acclaimed for its strong yet sweet sound as either a guitar or bass amp. It has a selectable output of either 8, 4 or 2 ohms.
Every single component was tested, and if any were found to be out of tolerance, were replaced with quality USA parts that meet or exceed the originals. All three multi-section filter capacitors were replaced with brand new "CP Manufacturing" caps, made on the original Mallory equipment. An additional USA Sprague Atom 40 uf cap was also replaced to complete the filter section. As a matter of fact, every electrolytic capacitor in this amp has been replaced. This amplifier also has a new V4 output transformer that was purchased from fliptops.net. Both of the red and amber neon pilot lamps are also brand new to ensure long life.
All of the tubes are made in USA (RCA, Philips and GE) and are either NOS or ones that test as new, including four matched 7027A's for the output section. All four output tube sockets and retainers were also replaced. All pots, jacks, switches and tube sockets were cleaned with Caig DeOxit. No expense was spared to make this amp perform exactly as new.
A new AC power cord was also installed. This amp was placed on a scope and thoroughly tested for full power output of 108 watts RMS with no distortion. Their shock mounted chassis reduces the vibration to the tubes when placed on a speaker cabinet.
A new Accutronics reverb tank has also been installed, and this amp still has its "reverb lock" that clamps the reverb tank to protect it in transit.
In my opinion, the build quality of these vintage Ampegs surpasses practically every amplifier made today.
As part of the "cosmetic" restoration, the cabinet has been prefessionally re-tolexed and new vintage Ampeg grillcloth installed. It has four new rubber feet and a brand new aluminum faceplate, as many of these old V4's front panel's lettering becomes worn off.  The original corners were cleaned and re-installed.

Here's a picture of most of my current Ampeg collection:
(this V4 head is the one on the furthermost right)
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