1962 Fender Precision Bass
(sea foam green)
Here's some pics and info of my very rare 1962 Fender Precision bass. This is a very clean example of a 100% original one with the early "slab" rosewood fingerboard and sea foam green finish. When I bought this bass from its original owner in 1975 it looked almost brand new. I have played it alot over the years and you can't really see it in the pictures but the nitro finish now has a ton of super fine "checking" which, I think, adds to its character.

This Precision's neck date stamp is " 5 APR 62 C", making it a somewhat early '62. The neck width at the nut measures just barely under 1 3/4" and the neck has a fairly thin profile around the back..This early '62 P bass has a slab board and later '62 P basses had the thinner curved (or sometimes referred to as the veneer) fingerboard. It has a  5 digit serial number ( pre "L" series) and the body is made of alder. I felt very fortunate to find this bass as it is the best playing and sounding P bass that I've ever played (and I've played thousands of them!). It is a real featherweight at 7 lbs.14 oz.and when I use it in the studio, it almost sounds like it has a built-in compressor.

I bought this bass long before Fender made reissues of the '62, and  back in 1982 when they first offered them, I immediately knew why. However, very few of the reissues really capture the sound and feel of the real thing. The body contours are very deep and smooth and the very thin Dupont nitro finish has held up very well over the years. Most of the custom color basses had a white primer/sealer under the finish however, this particular one does not. Its two stackpole pots are dated the 7th week of 1962 and has the aluminum shield plate under the pickguard. The neck has been arrow straight ever since I got it and its action is super low and easy to play.
I noticed that the original knobs have just a bit more "rollover" on the tops than the ones that they used shortly afterwards. The knobs look exactly like the ones that they used in the late 50's. The picture below was taken in its original brown tolex case, which also happens to be in very nice shape. Everytime I put this bass in another bass player's hands they want to buy it from me, but I have had it so long, it has basically become a part of me. I no longer use it at gigs, but it is the first one that I take with me to recording sessions. I feel that a bass like this is meant to be played, not just collected.
Thanks for visiting my '62 P bass page!     -johnk