Vintage Fender 15" Speakers

(100% original vintage speakers with original cones)

I have two vintage Fender Bassman 15" 8 ohm speakers available (matched pair) removed from a 1973 Fender Bassman. They have their original cones and are in excellent condition with no rips, tears or issues. They work perfectly (as new) with no buzzing/rubbing and they read 7.3 ohms DC. The listing price is for one but you are certainly welcome to buy both of them. These are also the exact same OEM speakers that were used in most of the Ampeg B-15N fliptop amps form 1965-1971, so if you are restoring an old Ampeg, these would be perfect for it to retain its vintage vibe (tone). See pics below:

$50.00 ea. + actual shipping
$100.00 pair + actual shipping