1590A Barbershop Clone
Definitely in my top 5 of overdrive pedals of all time, and my 'go to' pedal for every gig, the Fairfield Barbershop can be used as transparent boost, a light overdrive, or a moderate  overdrive. My favorite thing about this pedal is that it can make a high powered soild state amp sound like a tube amp just starting to hit the rails (and obviously go far beyond that). I am only going to make THREE of these since it's very difficult to get the circuit to fit in a 1590A and because I have to sort thru 50 Jfets to find a pair that biases to the correct voltage for the best tone (95% of them don't!).  The controls are: V=Volume, S=Sag, D= Drive. I used Neutrik Jacks, silverplated teflon wire and Fairchild Jfets in this one and it sounds AWESOME!
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Click on pic for larger image
Click on pic for larger image
Here's a quick soundclip of the pedal that you will receive. First bypassed, then engaged with various gain and sag settings: