125B Ezekiel (clone)
My newest version of the D*A*M Ezekiel in the smallest enclosure yet (WAY smaller than the HUGE original one). These legendary bass distortion pedals have been long discontinued and with originals selling for $650-700 (or more!) these days I thought that I'd offer 2 more of my 125B versions of them. It has a 4-way rotary clipping switch, a 'Filter' control (tone), a clean 'Blend', a 'Drive' (gain/distortion control) and a 'Level' (which controls the level of the distortion circuit). The original JRC4562 chip for them is no longer made but I was able obtain a few more of them so that it maintains the exact original circuit. It comes in a polished and etched 125B enclosure with ALL top jacks and anodized aluminum knobs.. My pedals are completely hand-made by myself and made in very limited quantities. I prep & polish the enclosures, acid etch them, etch my own PCBs, mount & hand solder  all of the components and wire and test them before they ship, making them a truly hand-made boutique pedal.  Nothing is farmed out.
including shipping in the contUSA